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Dear All,

Firstly congratulations on being appointed to White Lodge School. As the excitement mounts, we here in ICT would like to give you a heads up of what to expect from the tech side of the school.

New staff 2014 will all (*) be given a MacAir 11" 64GB Laptop.

Apple MacBook Air

These are ultra portable and I guarantee will make our existing staff green with envy! There are reasons why we went the 64G version and you may be wondering why we chose a machine with a small storage space.

Reason, we want to staff to :-

Back up and archive data regularly rather than clutter up a bigger hard drive. Backing up is generally little used and poorly activated. We feel it important that staff become experts at backing up data and thus never lose anything!

We want staff to start to use cloud storage, be it on our own SharePoint server or on Google, Microsoft 360, iCloud, DropBox and others.

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